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4 days ago
As the global LNG industry continues to grow year-on-year, the market is experiencing an influx of new gas players. Despite numerous hurdles, Canadian LNG exports have now come online and in 2018 gas players are confident the volumes will increase. 
4 days ago
When it comes to gas monetisation, Canada is looking for new approaches to remain competitive against the mature exporting markets. NorthWest Innovation Works is a multi-national partnership, committed to meeting the global need of a cleaner source for methanol production. This new technology will not only reduce the global carbon footprint but also introduce new gas monetisation techniques to Canada. 
5 days ago
It has been reported by McKinsey Energy that out of the ~230mtpa of growth expected in global LNG between 2015-2030, as much as 60% could come from emerging markets. While the Philippines has faced challenges like many emerging economies when it comes to gas and LNG infrastructures, Canadain projects have faced similar altercations. 
1 week ago
In 2017, EU gas consumption continued to increase, displaying a 5% year-on-year growth and annual consumption reached nearly 465 bcm, as reported by the European Commission. With the constant evolution of liberalised energy markets present in the CEE region, the industry is looking at ways to ensure supply security and diversity in order to successfully develop.
1 week ago
Nord Stream 2 will provide Europe with an additional 55 bcm/y of gas import capacity from 2019. It will connect Germany, Europe’s largest gas consumer, to Russia with its plentiful gas reserves. It is sponsored by six of Europe’s biggest energy companies:
1 week ago
With LNG continuing to play a bigger role in the global energy mix and with the market expected to grow approximately 5% each year, according to IEA, it is a time of opportunity for the industry. As the US is forecast to overtake Qatar by mid-2020 to become the world’s largest LNG exporter, Gastech Insights spoke with industry leader Tellurian to find out more.
2 weeks ago
LNG is one of the fastest-growing energy markets worldwide, with LNG trade projects to nearly triple, from 12 trillion cubic feet, between 2015 and 2024 according to the EIA.
2 weeks ago
Canada’s LNG industry has been a key topic of conversation for many years, with industry insiders asking, ‘when will the time of opportunity finally arrive?’ However, in the past few months the region has reached numerous milestones:
2 weeks ago
Recent trends in world natural gas demand: The year 2017 still highlights the strong competition between natural gas, coal and renewable energies. While the global economic recovery has strengthened, it is estimated that growth in global gas consumption accelerated to 3% in the first three quarters of 2017, compared to the same period last year.
2 weeks ago
By 2030, McKinsey has estimated the share of natural gas in the global energy mix will grow from 22% in 2016 to 23%, driven mainly by the growth in China, India and South East Asia. With the West Coast of Canada being a prime location for LNG facilities due to its proximity to Asia, the region is to meet this growing demand.
2 weeks ago
Global gas demand is predicted to grow 1.6% each year for the next five years, as reported by the IEA. With gas consumption growing, Canada is working hard to amplify their gas market and provide that much-needed supply. Following on from their first shipment of LNG from Canada to China, FortisBC are now expanding their LNG storage facility to meet the projected long-term growth.
3 weeks ago
E&P has become a margin business, with relentless pressure on unit operating costs (UOC) and global competition for capital. Whilst the industry response to the downturn has been impressive, past initiatives, such as reductions in headcount and supplier rates, are unlikely to go far enough and risk being non-sustainable.
3 weeks ago
Asia-Pacific is a fast-evolving gas market characterized by destination restriction, orthodox policies and monopolistic domestic supply infrastructure. However, the scenario is set to change as major Asian countries are liberalizing the gas policies. The ending of long-term contracts has given way to more flexible spot market in Asia. Asian economies are to be benefitted from falling gas prices that provides an incentive for the government to develop gas infrastructure to support gas penetration in the domestic market.
3 weeks ago
The Energy Community is an international organisation, bringing together the European Union and its neighbours to create an integrated pan-European energy market. As key countries in the region along with the European Commission sign an MoU to invest in infrastructure and cross-border interconnections; it is a time of change and progression for the market.
3 weeks ago
As global gas demand is predicted to grow by a massive 41% over the next two decades, as reported by Wood Mackenzie, it is a truly dynamic time for the energy market. For more than 60 years INA has been dedicated to exploration and production activities in Croatia and have put into operation around 4,500 exploration and development wells, with a total depth of around 7 million meters.
3 weeks ago
When it comes to gas and LNG, Europe remains one of the largest consuming regions, and the demand outlook continues to be optimistic, especially when looking at Central and Eastern Europe. With the region continuously evolving, traders are looking at integrating gas hubs to further the development and liquidity.