Gastech Moves West for 2018

Hosted by Spain’s leading energy stakeholders including Enagás, Gas Natural Fenosa, Repsol and Técnicas Reunidas, the event (now in its 45th year) returns to Europe after three previous editions in Asia, and reflects the resurgence of gas & LNG in Europe.

Why Europe for Gastech 2018?

  • Gastech 2018 connects Asia to Europe and the Pacific Basin to the Atlantic Basin.
  • Asia can draw lessons from the European experience in developing its own fluid and competitive gas & LNG industry.
  • Current levels of LNG are keeping spot trade stimulated, especially to emerging buyers in Africa, Latin America, South-East Asia, and Central & Eastern Europe.
  • Europe still remains one of the largest consuming regions for gas & LNG with demand outlook bullish.
  • Europe leads the way in diversification for gas & LNG use in sectors such as marine, road transportation, heavy industry and power generation.
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