The global industry leading conference for the gas, LNG and energy industries

Gastech’s four-day, multi-streamed conference is regarded as the industry’s most important platform to debate and discuss the global issues and challenges facing the gas and LNG community in 2018 and beyond.

The programme features ministerial sessions, CEO panel sessions, and commercial sessions, along with the world’s largest technical conference. Renowned for the quality, breadth and expertise demonstrated on its conference programme, Gastech gathers over 350 high-level speakers and 3,500 senior delegates to discover and discuss new ideas and partnerships.

This provides your company with more decision-makers and prime opportunities to conduct successful business transactions.

International Conference Delegates
C-Level & Ministerial Attendees
Leading Energy Speakers
Commercial & Technical Presentations
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Previous speakers include:

H.E. Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber
Minister of State UAE and CEO ADNOC Group

Alexander Medvedev
Deputy Chairman of the
Management Committee

Khalid bin Khalifa Al-Thani
Chief Executive Officer

Michael K. Wirth
Vice Chairman

Marcelino Oreja
Chief Executive Officer


Ryan M. Lance
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer

Yuji Kakimi

Yosuke Takagi
State Minister
The Ministry of Economy Trade & Industry (METI)

Jack A. Fusco
President & Chief Executive
Cheniere Energy, Inc.

Patrick Pouyanné
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Total SA


Robert S. Franklin
ExxonMobil Gas & Power
Marketing Company

Yoon Sang-Jick
Minister for Trade, Industry & Energy (MOTIE)
The Republic of Korea

Peter Coleman
Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director
Woodside Energy Ltd

Maarten Wetselaar
Integrated Gas & New
Energies Director
Royal Dutch Shell

Hirotatsu Fujiwara
Managing Officer & Chief Operating Officer
Mitsui & Co.

The world-renowned Gastech Conference

The world-renowned Gastech conference includes keynote addresses from industry thought leaders and strategic influencers; Ministerial sessions; Global business leaders and CEO sessions; parallel commercial and strategic sessions; all of which help shape and evolve the future of the gas, LNG and energy industries.

7 ministerial, plenary and leadership themes (including):

  • Investment in an uncertain energy climate
  • Adapting to a cleaner, low-carbon future
  • The future role of the integrated energy company
  • The national oil company in 2040
  • Security of supply & long-term stability
  • New gas & LNG opportunities & frontiers
  • The Emergence of the New Global Utility Player

Enabling commercial experts and technical innovators from the up, mid and downstream gas & LNG sectors

14 commercial and strategic themes (including):

1. Contracting, Pricing & Trading of Gas & LNG

2. Global Gas & LNG Projects – Progress & Updates

3. Gas Policy, Markets & Regulation: On Shifting Sands

4. Gas & LNG in the Iberian Peninsula

5. Consumer Spotlights: India & China’s Expanding Gas & LNG Markets

6. North American Shale to Export

7. Future Financing of Gas & LNG Projects

8. Emerging Customer Markets Spotlights

9. Corporate Risk, CSR & Local Content

10. The Emergence of the New Era Gas Customer

11. Gas & LNG as Transportation Fuels

12. Floating Storage & Regasification Units (FSRU)

13. COP 21 & the Demise of the Internal Combustion Engine

14. The Electricity Generation Revolution

65 technical themes (including):

Gas Field Development & Planning

1. Conventional Gas Resources – Offshore & Deepwater Gas Production

2. Unconventional Gas Resources – Shale Projects

3. Unconventional Gas Resources – Coal Bed Methane Projects

4. Reducing & Managing Methane Emissions

5. Integrated Production Modelling & Reservoir Management / Optimisation

6. LNG Project Concept Screening & Selection Processes

7. Flow Assurance / Integrated Supply to LNG Plant

8. Integrated Supply Chain Modelling

9. Supply optimisation - Unconventional Supply to LNG Projects (Wells/Pipelines)

10. Supply Optimisation - Reliability Improvement & System Debottlenecking

Gas Processing Technology

11. Gas Processing Technology – Pre-Treatment

12. Gas Processing Technology – Acid Gas Removal & Sulphur Recovery

13. Gas Processing Technology – Liquefaction & Cryogenic Process

14. Gas Processing Technology – Natural Gas Liquids Recovery & Fractionation

15. Gas Processing Technology – Process Control & Optimisation

16. Onshore Regasification Technology

Advances in Equipment / Technology

17. Gas Processing Equipment – Heat Exchange Technology Advances

18. Gas Processing Equipment – Gas Turbine Technology Advances

19. Onshore LNG Storage & Containment

20. LNG Plant Design, Planning & Optimisation

21. LNG Plant Design – Pre-FEED Studies & Site Selection

22. LNG Plant Design – Port & Marine Infrastructure

23. Plant Design Modifications in Challenging Environments – From Arctic to Desert

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

24. EPC – Risk Management & Strategy

25. EPC – Modular Construction

26. EPC – Project Execution & Updates


27. LNG Shipping – Ship Design & Build

28. LNG Shipping – Propulsion

29. LNG Shipping – Containment

30. LPG Shipping

31. Ammonia, Ethane & Ethylene Shipping

Floating LNG – Liquefaction

32. Floating LNG – Topsides Design / Technology Selection

33. Floating LNG – Ship to Ship Transfers / Mooring Systems

34. Floating LNG – Operations & Maintenance

35. Floating LNG – Project Updates

Floating LNG – Regasification

36. FSRU – System Design / Technology Selection

37. FSRU – Project Updates / New markets

Natural Gas / LNG for Fuel

38. LNG & Gas as a Marine Fuel

39. LNG & Gas as a Road Fuel

LNG to Power

40. LNG to Power – Project Updates / New markets

41. LNG to Power – New Technologies

42. Optimising CCGT & Power Plant Performance

Small Scale LNG / LNG powered vehicles

43. Small-scale LNG – Project Updates

44. Small-scale LNG – Bunkering / Marine Infrastructure

45. Small-scale LNG – Land transportation

Health, Safety, Security & Environment

46. Health, Safety, Security & Environment – People

47. Health, Safety, Security & Environment – Plant / Assets / Infrastructure

48. Health, Safety, Security & Environment – Environmental Impact / Emissions Control

49. Health, Safety, Security & Environment – Social Impact

50. Health, Safety, Security & Environment – Cybersecurity

Carbon Capture and Storage

51. Carbon Capture & Storage – Case Studies & New Developments

Operations, Maintenance & Integrity Management

52. Operations & Maintenance

53. Digital & Data Management

54. Life Extension of Plants

55. Integrity / Corrosion Management – Plant

56. Integrity / Corrosion Management – Pipelines

Natural Gas Transmission Pipelines & Storage

57. Optimisation of Gas Distribution & Transmission Systems

58. Pipeline Maintenance & Integrity Management

59. Underground Gas Storage (UGS) Projects

60. Innovative Gas Storage Technology & Application

Gas to Liquids

61. GTL Monetisation Technologies

62. Natural Gas to Methanol

63. Natural Gas & NGLs to Olefins


64. Hydrogen Shipping, Safety & Delivery

65. Development of Hydrogen Fuel Cell Technology

A chance for people to get the latest updates and take part in industry networking. Brilliant
Ezhar Yazid Jaafar
Chief Executive Officer, Petronas
Gastech is one of the most important events for the gas and LNG industry. ExxonMobil has been a long supporter of Gastech as it is a great opportunity to collaborate, network and share ideas. The main benefit of Gastech is that all the buyers and counter parties come together and you have a chance to sit down and hold important meetings. It also allows participants to talk about key issues in this rapidly changing environment.
Richard Guerrant
Vice President LNG, ExxonMobil
Gastech allows you to see everyone from the industry in one place and get a feeling for how the trends are moving, what is changing and how the LNG industry is evolving. Coming to Gastech on a regular basis is very valuable and it helps us recalibrate where we think we are and gives us the chance to have detailed conversations with global decisions makers.
Charif Souki
Chairman, Tellurian
The Gastech Exhibition & Conference is a great occasion to get together with customers, suppliers and partners to talk about the issues at hand within the industry and find opportunities to generate new business.
David Knipe
Head of International Gas, IST, BP
Gastech is a great opportunity for our industry and I am very honoured to have been one of the consortium members for Gastech 2017. Throughout the conference there have been many successful business discussions and I am looking forward to the next Gastech in Barcelona.
Hiroki Sato
Chief Fuel Transactions Officer, Senior Executive Vice President, JERA Co., Inc.
Gastech provides a unique opportunity for Mozambique LNG as this is, without doubt, one of the greatest LNG gatherings in the world
R. Al Walker
Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Anadarko Petroleum Corporation