Guidelines & Criteria

Find out what guidelines and criteria you should follow when submitting an abstract to speak at the Conference.

Submission guidelines

Early submission is important to ensure the Governing Body Members have ample time to review the abstracts. Late submissions will not be submitted. The deadline for submission is is 31 January 2018.

Submission and speaking is completely free of charge. When submitting please ensure you fill in the compulsory fields so the Governing Body can receive full and accurate information on who you are and your submission.

Your abstract must not exceed the 500 word limit so the critical information you are submitting can be assessed accurately.

Should you encounter any issues submitting your abstract, please email [email protected]

Grading criteria

The Governing Body members grade each abstract on specific criteria, resulting in an overall mark out of a maximum possible 40 points. Governing Body members may also choose to move abstracts to sessions which are more relevant to the content of the paper. The voting process takes place after 19 March 2018 and successful applicants will be informed shortly afterwards.

Categories which each abstract is judged on are below:

Interest 10 points (max)

  • How interesting is the subject matter to the Gastech audience or to the industry overall?
  • Does it capture their imagination and will it share important and useful progress and updates, or new information?


Topicality 10 points (max)

  • Is the abstract relevant to the Gastech audience or to the industry now?
  • Will it demonstrate the latest attitudes in thinking, innovation or in delivery?



Originality 10 points (max)

  • Is the abstract sharing a subject or theme that is new and original material not seen at other industry conferences before?
  • If it is a familiar subject, does it demonstrate new and innovative updates or progress not yet widely known?

The Presenter 10 points (max)

  • Is the proposed speaker (not the company) considered a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience?
  • If unknown, this must be graded a neutral 5 points.
Additional information
Commercial and Technical Themes

You must choose from either technical or commercial themes when submitting an abstract.

Please ensure you choose the appropriate theme to submit your abstract under. There are a total of 14 Commercial themes and 16 Technical themes you can choose to submit your abstract under. 

If you feel that your abstract does not fall under either type, please feel free to leave as general submission and the Governing Body will look to allocate accordingly. 

Content and Commercialism

Your abstract title must be clear and concise. It must accurately describe your presentation's primary content and proposed paper. Please refrain from the use of commercial trade names and language that is commercial in tone. Your abstract's core content and information will still be considered during the submission however you may be asked to revise your presentation to reduce commercialism if required. 


All Gastech presentations fall under copyright once presented and dmg :: events global energy reserves the right to use presentations if and when required.

Management and Internal Approvals

If your abstract is accepted onto the conference and you can speak, please ensure all relevant approvals have been gained prior to final confirmation.

Successful Speaking Applications

If your abstract is voted through by the Governing Body, we will be in touch shortly after the final voting meeting to let you know.

A member of the Speaker Management team will then contact you to start the process of publicising your paper’s credentials, including speaker names, biographies /photos and a summary of your abstract. In the preceding weeks to the conference, we will be in touch to manage logistics and presentation requirements with you.

The presenter (but not additional authors) will be entitled to a full access, free of charge conference pass that provides access to all conference sessions and the exhibition halls. Invitation to Speaker Dinner and to other speaker events are also be included.

Speakers will be responsible for their own hotel accommodation, travel, food or other incidental expenses.

Speakers will be offered discounted rates for colleagues wishing to attend. 

Unsuccessful Speaking Applications

Unsuccessful applicants will be contacted in person at the same time that successful applicants are contacted. We may still invite you to present your abstract as a Poster within the exhibition halls, or as a digital article on our dedicated online news service – Gastech Insights.

Your abstract will still be considered for other events that we believe could benefit. Please ask for more details on our other upcoming international events.

Deadlines to be aware of
Call for Papers Opens
20 September 2017
Call for Papers Closes
31 January 2018
Governing Body begins voting process
Early February 2018
Governing Body meets to examine the correlated votes and decide the Programme
Week commencing 19 March 2018.
All applicants informed & Programme live
Late March 2018