The Plenary Stage

Featuring an exceptionally remarkable speaker panel of leading figures from our industry and beyond to help you identify market growth, development and future directions for the industry

Plenary Speakers
10 Ministerial, Global Leaders' & CEO Panels
Global Leaders’ Panel: “Examining the Transitional Impacts of the New Energy Landscape on the Gas Industry”
Ministerial Panel: “The Vital Role for Gas & LNG in Delivering Lower-Carbon, Lower-Cost Energy Across Emerging Markets”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “The Role of NOCs & IOCs in Delivering Global Energy Security”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “Growth Drivers for the Global Gas Industry – Exploring the Future Gas & LNG Value Chain”
Ministerial Panel: “Meeting a Growing Global Appetite for Gas”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “Evolving Business Models for an Evolving Global Gas & LNG Market”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “Financing Future Energy Projects: Are Gas & LNG Projects in Competition with Renewables for Investment?”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “The Gas–Renewables Nexus: Delivering Cleaner Transport and Power for the Future”
Global Leaders’ Panel: “Digital Disruption & Innovation – What Are The Fundamental Impacts on the Energy Industry?”
CEO Panel: Engineering, Procurement & Construction Leadership Debate: “How Can EPCs Deliver New Projects in Low-Cost, Low-Margin Times?”