Connecting you with buyers and delivering exceptional return-on-investment

Natural gas is projected to grow at more than twice the rate of either oil or coal. Gastech provides the perfect platform to take advantage of this growth, and provides unrivaled value for exhibiting companies; helping you to identify new opportunities and markets for your products and services, generate new business, and stay ahead of your competitors.

Attracting professionals from across all industry sectors

22% hydrocarbon processing & technology

21% exploration & production

19% marine shipping & storage

17% contracting, commercial, investment & trading

9% transmission distribution & power generation

12% engineering, procurement, construction & management

60% of visitors have purchasing power exceeding $1m
Bringing together a spectrum of professional profiles:

30% C-level executive management

33% technical and operational specialists

37% middle management

Reach the industry’s decision makers, purchasers and influencers:

56% decision maker/ purchaser

31% influencer

13% end-user

Attended by international industry professionals:
Why visitors attend Gastech

Connect with existing suppliers

Meet new suppliers and potential business partners

Discover the industry’s latest technologies

Identify new opportunities and markets

Network amongst industry leaders

Conference Delegates