Tsutomu Akabane
Director, Senior Executive Vice President
JGC Corporation


Over 39 years of experience, all with JGC. Since 2009, being appointed as
one of board members of JGC. With 23 years in project management
positions on EPC projects in the refinery, gas, chemical and petrochemical
industries in the Far East, the Middle East, Europe and Australia.

As JGC Project Director, has been responsible for:
• LSTK EPCC Project for Malaysia LNG Tiga Plant Project (3.8 mtpa x 2
• Reimbursable EPCC Project of a world-scale GTL Complex in Qatar
(140,000 bpsd GTL products and 120,000 boepsd upstream products).
Has been responsible for core process plants of GTL Complex, i.e., SGP
(Shell Gasification Process) and HPS (Heavy Paraffin Synthesis) Plants

As JGC Project Sponsor, responsible for:
• Hybrid EPCC Project for Ichthys LNG Onshore Plant Project (4.45 mtps x
2 Trains) in Darwin, Australia
• LSTK EPCC Project for Malaysia LNG Train 9 Plant Project (3.8 mtpa)
• LSTK EPCC Project for Petronas FLNG#2 Project (1.5 mtps)