Rob Grant
Senior Vice-President Power and Vice-President Capital


Rob is VP Asia Pacific (Power) for SNC Lavalin responsible for the company’s power and capital businesses in India, Asia and Australia. He joined SNC Lavalin in October 2015 and is based in their Kuala Lumpur office.

Prior to this role 2014 Rob spent 18 years (the last 9 as CEO) helping position Pacific Hydro as Australia's most successful and dynamic international clean energy utility. From small beginnings in 20 years ago, the company became a leader in the hydro, wind and solar electricity markets in Australia and Latin America.

During his tenure as CEO Rob grew the company from 40 to over 300 people across Australia, Chile and Brazil as the company more than doubled in size (in generation capacity, value and revenue). During that time the company developed world class development, delivery, financing and operations expertise in each of its business units to an award winning level.

Rob has a strong personal interest in advocating economically sound climate change abatement policy and Pacific Hydro played acted as a trusted advisor to governments in each of its key markets on best practice climate change policy. In Australia, Rob led Pacific Hydro's efforts in the formation of the Clean Energy Council (CEC) in 2007 and served as its second Chairman from 2009-2011 and served as one of Australia’s representatives on the Asia Pacific Partnership on Clean Development and Climate (APP).

Rob holds a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and has completed an MBA and Master of Applied Finance at Melbourne and Macquarie Universities.