Lixin Che
Executive Committee / Deputy General Manager
Beijing Gas Group


CHE Lixin, born in 1967, is a professor of engineering with a doctor degree in gas engineering. Now she is the Deputy General Manager of Beijing Beiran Enterprise Company Limited.

She is in charge of the strategic investment and investment management of Beijing Beiran Enterprise CHE Lixin is making her efforts in advancing clean heating by natural gas in Beijing area, since the company is taking Focusing on Clean Energy Service Industry as its development strategy. Beijing is experiencing continuous urbanization and energy structure optimization at present, so she takes these opportunities and develops large-scale clean heating projects in many counties. In addition, she leads the related standard setting and sets standards from the perspectives of investment, technology and operation management. These standards are highly operable and instructional, which will greatly support growth of investment income and the scale development of heating by clean energy.

Before this position, she was the President of Beijing Gas Group Research Institute and is in charge of the R&D projects issued by Beijing Gas Group and the government, and the standards-setting of different levels. In addition, she leads the technology planning of Beijing Gas Group and the founding its R&D Center.

As a gas expert of the government, she actively participates in the assessment of various major projects. He scientific research achievements have made a contribution to domestic gas technology progress and the tandardization establishment of new energy application technology at home.

At the same time, she is a Member of the Executive Committee of International Gas Union (IGU), Executive Director of China Gas Society and Director of China Gas Association