Tatsuo Masuda
FairCourt Capital


Prof. Tatsuo Masuda is Chairman of FairCourt Capital Group and also serves as a visiting professor at the Nagoya University of Commerce and Business Graduate School on energy/climate policy and geopolitics, as a board member of SOC Corporation in Tokyo, and as a senior advisor to Elion House in Singapore.

He taught at the Tokyo Institute of Technology on technological innovation (2005-2009) and Paris University-Dauphine on energy geopolitics (2005-2010).

He has extensive careers in energy business and policymaking as advisor to Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. (JAPEX: 2006-2011), vice president of Japan National Oil Corporation (2002-2005) and director for oil markets and security at the International Energy Agency (1996-2001).

Prior to this, he assumed several posts related with energy policymaking and administration in METI.

Currently, he is strongly interested in a new dimension of energy and environmental policies, and contributes to the World Economic Forum as member of the Global Agenda Council on Decarbonizing Energy.