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18/04/2018 11:45am
With the new tax incentives put in place by the British Columbian government, LNG projects are now beginning to show signs of strong growth and development. As stated by Mr Keane in the Vancouver Sun, "B.C. has a chance to build an entirely new industry that can benefit the province, the country and the world". 
18/04/2018 11:45am
When it comes to the natural gas in Canada, there has been generally very strong support for the LNG industry from the First Nations, with one First Nations leader stating the industry 'brings hope to members in terms of employment and capacity-building for future generations that come."
18/04/2018 11:30am
Ahead of the Canada Gas and LNG Exhibition and Conference taking place 14-16 May in Vancouver, the 11th instalment of the Gastalk webinar series saw presenter Susan Sakmar, Author and visiting Law Professor at the University of Houston Law Centre host a special edition.
16/04/2018 01:45pm
It has been a long time coming, but natural gas is finally emerging from beneath the shadow of its big brother, crude oil.  While some of the more traditional participants in the LNG space may still be hanging on to the idea that oil indexation for gas is still a viable way to price it, increasingly their gas marketing attempts are looking like King Canute’s doomed struggle to keep the tide from coming in.
16/04/2018 01:30pm
Price review clauses have long been a feature of mid-to-long term LNG sale and purchase agreements ("LNG SPAs").  Changing market dynamics and recent price volatility has placed additional focus and pressure on these clauses, which have become increasingly detailed and heavily negotiated.
16/04/2018 01:15pm
Demand for Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) in Asian countries like Taiwan, Korea, China, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, etc. has nearly doubled over the past four years, from 17.7 million tonnes in 2013 to 33.2 million tonnes in 2017. This spike in the requirement for the cleanest fossil fuel has been primarily been supported by the Chinese government’s reinvigorating efforts at combating air pollution.
11/04/2018 08:45am
With numerous drivers leading the developments of small scale LNG projects around the world, the evolving technology could help solve many of the energy challenges in developing and emerging countries. Small LNG Shipping Consultants provides shipping consultancy and brokering services to assist in truly optimising projects. 
11/04/2018 08:15am
At Ahart Solutions International, we envision a future where natural gas will play a major role in our energy mix. Advances in technology and an ever-evolving market are the main factors driving small scale LNG.  What is the small scale LNG technology? Generally, small scale LNG could be segmented into nano and micro LNG:
11/04/2018 08:00am
In both the 2017 and 2018 British Petroleum (BP) Energy Outlook’s the reports suggested that the global LNG trade through maritime routes would grow rapidly, eventually composing half of all trade over the next 20 years. The BP reports and many others show just how strong and dynamic the new natural gas and LNG market is. Trade of LNG grows seven times faster than pipeline trade, and from 2018 all global consumptions could be up to 40%.
04/04/2018 09:30am
Although Canada's gas and LNG industry has not progressed as quickly as others, 2018 is looking like it will be the year for new and exciting developments for the market. With new regulations and policies being put in place, gas players are starting to look closely at the upcoming projects and predict how they will help with the growing global LNG demand. 
04/04/2018 09:30am
As British Columbia introduces a new tax break in the hope to boost the LNG industry and encourage projects to reach the FID stage later this year; the market is showing signs of growth and positivity, leading us to ask, what will 2018 bring to the industry? 
04/04/2018 09:15am
As we head further into 2018, the Canadian gas and LNG industry continues to show signs of development; governments are now better supporting the industry and the growth of LNG demand in Asia provides a strong future market for the country's future exports. 
27/03/2018 08:45am
As the natural gas and LNG industry continues to adapt to the growing demand, sponsors are exploring new ways to secure financing for the next wave of liquefaction projects. The market is now developing and exploring more flexible and creative pricing structures to be able to offer a combination of short, medium and long-term LNG agreements.
27/03/2018 08:30am
The dramatic increase of natural gas imports into China in 2017 is yet another sign of China’s determination to restructure its energy infrastructure to address its long-term climate change and ecological challenges. It also foreshadows the gradual balancing of worldwide natural gas supply and demand over the next dozen years or so. For the foreseeable future, as worldwide supply and demand of natural gas seesaws, price fluctuations will be a constant feature of this market.
27/03/2018 08:15am
BP’s Energy Outlook 2018 explores different aspects of the energy transition through a range of alternative scenarios. These scenarios have some common features, such as a shift towards a lower-carbon fuel mix, but they differ in terms of assumptions on policies or technology. The Evolving Transition (ET) scenario assumes that government policies, technology and social preferences continue to evolve in a manner and speed seen over the recent past.
21/03/2018 11:00am
The Iberian Peninsula leads the European regasification capacity with seven plants in operation, six in Spain: Barcelona, Bilbao, Cartagena, Huelva, Mugardos and Sagunto and one plant in Portugal: Sines. This extensive regasification capacity makes it possible to be one of the most diversified LNG markets in the world as well as guaranteeing a strong security of supply.