Exclusive interview with Total’s CEO at Gastech 2017
Exclusive Interviews

In an exclusive interview conducted at Gastech 2017 in Chiba - Tokyo, Gastech News had the pleasure of speaking with Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO of Total, to discuss the global energy mix and Total’s forecast for LNG and natural gas demand. We asked Mr. Patrick Pouyanné the following questions.

Watch the video below and hear his valuable insights:

  • What is the role of gas in the global energy sector? Is the combination of gas and renewables the way forward for a sustainable energy future?
  • Where in the world does Total forecast LNG and natural gas demand rising fastest, and how is Total addressing these markets?
  • Looking forward, what are the main growth opportunities for gas and LNG in a changing industry environment?
  • What can major energy companies, such as Total, do to ensure future investment in major gas and LNG projects in the long-term?
  • What does the Gastech Event represent for you?