LNG Facilities & Infrastructure Zone
Industry Zones

Do you provide these services, products and technologies?

  • Chemicals for gas treatment
  • Control & safety valves for natural gas & LNG pipelines and transmission systems
  • Engineering, Procurement & Construction (EPCs) in natural gas & LNG import & export projects
  • Gas & LNG storage including LNG tanks, underground gas storage, specialist tank designs
  • Gas turbines including combined cycle gas turbine (CCGT) technology, aeroderivative gas turbines for LNG processing
  • Heat exchangers for the cryogenic refrigeration of liquefying natural gas into LNG
  • Instrumentation & automation for all measurement equipment for gas & LNG engineering
  • Liquefaction & regasification terminal owners for LNG exports (supply) and LNG imports (consumption)
  • Pipeline manufacturing & maintenance for onshore & offshore natural gas & LNG pipelines
  • Steel for specialist manufacture of LNG / gas shipping & storage metals

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