Shipping & Marine Engineering Zone
Industry Zones

Do you provide these services, products and technologies?

  • Cables for marine & heavy lift, major projects materials
  • Certification for marine & facilities, safety and international codes
  • Coatings and insulation for shipping, offshore & onshore facilities
  • Floating LNG production, processing, maintenance and safety engineering
  • Floating Production Storage & Offloading (FPSO) for natural gas & LNG
  • Floating Storage Regasification Units (FSRU) for natural gas & LNG
  • Gas & LNG Carrier Shipbuilders
  • LNG transfer for the movement of LNG from ship-to-ship or from onshore tanks to ships
  • Loading arms for physically connecting LNG pipes to LNG ships / tankers for safe offloading of LNG
  • Marine engineering for LNG shipping, offshore gas rigs, FPSOs, FSRUs and floating LNG vessels
  • Ship Classification for granting operational licenses & codes for gas & LNG tankers
  • Shipyards for those constructing and maintaining LNG & gas tankers / shipping fleets
  • Steel for specialist manufacture of LNG / gas shipping & storage metals

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