Técnicas Reunidas discusses how energy companies can successfully develop people and projects
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According to Shell’s LNG Outlook, gas has been the fastest growing hydrocarbon for the past decade, with demand rising 2% each year since 2000. As such, gas will become even more crucial as the world seeks to meet rising energy demands while making the transition to a low-carbon energy future.

Técnicas Reunidas is the leader for engineering and construction in the oil and gas sector in Spain as well as one of the world leaders in the refining sector. Working with natural gas project developers worldwide, they offer clients their ‘know-how’ and vast experience to perform all types of projects related to oil and gas.

With such a strong global presence, Gastech Insights interviewed General Manager at Técnicas Reunidas, Arthur W. Crossley, to hear more about their current projects and where they see the main growth opportunities for the gas and LNG industry.

To hear the full interview with Arthur W. Crossley, watch the video below.