Drilling Magazine

Drilling Magazine is one of the publications of a group under the name of PUD.

Parsian Upstream Development (PUD), with over a decade of soft business experience in upstream industry, manages a diverse portfolio of entrepreneurial activities that provide businesses and customers with compelling information, analysis, insight, and reports.

PUD Media

PUD Media is a portfolio of leading media brands in upstream petroleum industry that provides news, information and analytical reports, based on unique world class content. These brands, as the sole media brands of this community in Iran, produces context of media intelligence in both English and Persian.

 “Drilling” magazine, as the sole non-governmental English magazine of drilling and well completion matters, is being published on a bi-month basis.

Drilling Industry” magazine with a circulation of 5,000 copies in Persian is focused on the latest news, events and analysis of drilling and well completion industry in a monthly pattern.

PUD Information

PUD Information presents you with diversified management and market services based on unique and trusted sources of data, information, and reports.

Business Report Services:

  • Standard Reports (Rig, Drilling & Completion, Oilfield Logix)
  • Custom Reports

Business Intelligence Services:

  • Business Plan
  • Market Opportunity Analysis

Business Solution Services:

  • KPI Solutions
  • Performance Solutions