Eithne Treanor
E Treanor Media


Eithne Treanor is a professional conference moderator and facilitator, an expert media and communications trainer- as well as a seasoned energy industry commentator.

Eithne acts as OPEC’s official on-air conference and webcast moderator. She is CNBC Arabia’s Special Consultant and she has trained television journalists in the UAE, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa and in Russia.
She worked as an international television journalist for ABC News, Sky News, BBC World, and CNBC Europe and she was instrumental in the launch of Bloomberg TV in Europe. She has interviewed thousands of leading politicians, dignitaries, energy ministers and high-ranking business people around the world.

She studied Politics and Sociology at Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland and has a degree in Broadcast Communications from Columbia College in Chicago and a post-graduate diploma in International Relations from the London School of Economics.