Katsuo Nagasaka
Chiyoda Corporation

Business Career (all with Chiyoda Corporation since )
2017: Representative Director, Chairman of the Board
2017: Representative Director & Senior Executive Vice President
2013: Director, Executive Vice President
2012: Director, Senior Vice President
Head of Business Development Division
2010: Executive Officer, Business Development Operation
2007: Associate Director, Senior General Manager in the International
Business Development
2004: Head of Division in the Petroleum & Chemical Business Development
1994: Group Leader, Business Development Department
1992: Manager, Strategic Sales Development Department
1986: Local Representative, Lagos Nigeria
1985: Staff member for Business Development Department
(e.g. Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia)
1984: Staff member for Proposal and Coordinator
1979: Administration Manager, Chiyoda International Corporation Houston
1978: Residence Shipping Coordinator for Chiyoda International Corporation
Houston (in New York)
1976: joined Chiyoda Corporation
Staff member for Procurement Planning Group (Overseas)