Uniper Global Commodities SE

Uniper is a leading international energy company with operations in more than 40 countries and around 13,000 employees. Uniper’s business is to provide a reliable supply of energy and related services. Its headquarters are in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Uniper has three segments:

  • European Generation operates about 31 gigawatts of generating capacity (mainly natural gas, hydro, and coal) in Germany, France, England, Sweden, and the Benelux states. This segment also encompasses Uniper’s business of providing services in power-plant construction and operation as well as its stakes in nuclear power stations in Sweden.
  • Global Commodities consists of Uniper’s global commodity-trading business and its midstream gas business. The gas business includes 400 terawatt-hours of long-term gas procurement contracts (which corresponds to half of Germany’s total annual consumption), about 9 billion cubic meters of gas storage capacity, and stakes in gas transmission pipelines. Uniper’s stake in Yuzhno Russkoye gas field in Siberia is also reported in this segment.
  • International Power consists primarily of Uniper’s 11 gigawatts of generating capacity in Russia, which make it the country’s third-largest investor-owned power producer.

Uniper can benefit from the convergence of global energy markets and the global growth in power and gas demand

Global markets are becoming more dynamic and more interconnected. This creates opportunities for Uniper’s global energy-trading business. Uniper plans to expand this business and its globally sourced portfolio of energy and commodity positions.

In addition, Uniper believes it is well positioned to tap the growth of power markets outside Europe, creates opportunities to offer energy services and to acquire stakes in selected generation assets.