Asia LNG Market Development Forum
9:00 - 9:30
Specialist Event
Asia LNG Market Development Forum
Break Area
Specialist Event
Asia LNG Market Development Forum
CC4 - Room 4.1
  • How can producers and consumers work together to achieve a reasonable and transparent pricing system to fulfil the promise of Asia’s vast growth prospects?
  • Has demand for coal and nuclear in Asia been superseded forever by LNG and cleaner energy sources?
  • What impact will advances in renewable and hydrogen technologies have on the Asian energy landscape by 2040?
  • What will the reform of Japan’s domestic energy market mean for LNG demand?
  • EU cooperation on the development of an LNG liquid commodities market in Asia
  • Where are the pockets of growing and future demand in Asia? What is the capital needed to realise these projects?
  • How can global gas & LNG producers better meet the needs of customers in Asia?
  • What role is Japan playing in shaping and developing gas & LNG infrastructure across Asia’s growing economies?
Director General
Energy Policy and Planning Office (EPPO)
Upstream and Gas Team Leader
ASEAN Council on Petroleum (ASCOPE)
Senior Vice President (Marketing)
Petronet LNG Limited
Senior Vice President Upstream LNG
Executive Vice President
CNOOC Gas and Power Group
Director of Equity, LNG and Proprietary
Specialist Event
Asia LNG Market Development Forum
CC4 - Room 4.1
  • Where are the new demand regions in Asia?
  • What are the options for new projects for securing financing? 
  • How are innovative and diversified LNG uses (such as in fuelling transport), driving new market opportunities?
  • What is the aggregate demand growth represented by new types of LNG customers?
  • What impact will the adoption of LNG-to-Power projects have on driving market development?
General Manager, Business Planning Section, Global Business Planning Department
Tokyo Gas
Executive Director
GAIL (India) Limited
Chiyoda Corporation
Special Advisor to the Chairman and the President
Asia Commodities and Energy Columnist
Thomson Reuters
Specialist Event
Asia LNG Market Development Forum
Break Area
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Specialist Event
Asia LNG Market Development Forum
CC4 - Room 4.1
  • Progress towards the establishment of an Asian benchmark for spot prices
  • How can LNG imports into JKT remain price-competitive beyond 2025, and what is needed to make this possible?
  • How can destination flexibility benefit the market?
  • What infrastructure is needed to support the growth of a fluid trading market?
  • How are other major Asian import markets collaborating to drive market development and transparency?
Senior Vice President, ENN Group & President
ENN Energy Trading Group
President Director & CEO
Badak LNG
Director, LNG Marketing & Strategy
Jordan Cove LNG
Vice President LNG Trading & Chartering
Pavilion Energy Pte Ltd
Senior Vice President, LNG Marketing - Asia
NextDecade Corporation
the President of Lake Charles LNG
Energy Transfer
VP, Head EMEARC Gas & LNG Consulting