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Gastech 2023 Call for papers

The Gastech 2023 Call for Papers is open to the entire energy sector value chain, welcoming abstract from applicants with diverse backgrounds and a broad span of experience.  

Important dates

8 September
Call for Papers opens
24 February
Call for Papers closes
27 February
Selection process commences
3 April
Programmes announced

Are you interested in speaking at Gastech 2023?

Submit your abstract before the 24 February 2023

Preparing your submission

The Gastech Call for Papers selection process begins once all papers have been submitted via our Call for Papers online portal. Your abstracts should be submitted no later than 24 February 2023. 

The guidelines below will help you craft the perfect application. 

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What else makes a successful application via The Gastech Call for Papers online portal?

Once you have decided to submit an abstract, please create an account via our Call for Papers online portal to get started with your submission. 


The abstract title should clearly and accurately describe the presentation’s primary content and prosed paper in a concise manner (500-words or less).


Use the category and sub-category listing to indicate the theme that best describes the abstract. A primary choice is required. If you believe your abstract is relevant to more than one category, submit it under the single category of best fit.


Graphs, diagrams, illustrations and/or tables should be used to enhance the Governing Body’s understanding of the abstract. Captions and any necessary contextual information to understand the figure(s) will not count towards the word limit.


Abstracts must be accompanied by a presenter profile. The proposed speaker (not the company) should be a good orator who can successfully convey and present information to an international audience in a live and interactive setting.

Technical papers can address the following topics:

Natural gas and LNG

  • Cold energy recovery
  • Gas to liquids
  • LNG to power
  • Natural gas and LNG project updates
  • Next generation LNG supply
  • Onshore LNG storage and containment
  • Process engineering
  • Processing – control and optimisation
  • Processing – liquefaction
  • Processing – pipelines
  • Processing – power generation
  • Processing – pre-treatment
  • Small scale LNG – land transportation
  • Small scale LNG – Project updates
  • Other

Gas optimisation

  • Carbon footprint reduction for high-intensity end-users
  • Other


  • Alternate fuels
  • Ammonia, ethane, LPG
  • Cargo handling
  • CO2 shipping
  • Floating liquefaction (FLNG)
  • Floating storage regasification (FSRU)
  • H2 shipping
  • LNG bunkering and marine infrastructure
  • LNG shipping
  • Marine/Terminal interface
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Other


  • Asset lifecycle extension
  • Innovations in project infrastructure
  • Operations and maintenance
  • Strategic infrastructure
  • Other

Low-carbon gases

  • Ammonia
  • Delivering the hydrogen economy
  • Hydrogen infrastructure
  • Hydrogen technology
  • Low-carbon LNG
  • Synthetic methane
  • Other low-carbon gases


  • Assets and infrastructure
  • Environment
  • People
  • Security
  • Social impacts
  • Other

Climate technologies

  • Carbon capture, utilisation and storage
  • Direct air capture
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Flaring and fugitive emissions
  • Other


  • Artificial intelligence and automation
  • Cyber security
  • Data, cloud-based technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Digitalised construction
  • Digitalised design
  • Operations and remote monitoring
  • Other

Commercial papers can address the following topics:

Measurement, verification, and monitoring

  • Emissions measurement
  • Emissions monitoring
  • Emissions reduction verification
  • Monetising emissions measurement, monitoring and verification solutions
  • Other


  • Energy policy and regulatory updates
  • Net zero standards and taxonomies
  • Other


  • Carbon markets
  • Green commodities
  • Other


  • Attracting future finance and funding
  • Contracting and pricing trends
  • Project finance management
  • Other


  • Business development and establishing new markets
  • Market demand and macroeconomic trends
  • Geopolitics of energy
  • Other


  • Diversity, equity and inclusion in the supply chain
  • Geopolitics and supply chains
  • Managing local content
  • Procurement proposals – best practice
  • Other


  • Authentic leadership
  • Human capital supply and demand
  • New and emerging skills requirements
  • Workforce of the future
  • Other

Environmental, social, governance

  • Better corporate governance
  • Energy and climate policy
  • Energy transition – projects
  • Energy transition – strategy
  • Roadmaps to net zero
  • Other

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Previous technical and commercial speakers

Speaker selection process

The review process

Abstracts selected for paper submission and presentation are chosen by the Gastech Governing Body, a 60+ member committee established to ensure the Conference supports research of the highest standards. Each submission undergoes a stepped selection procedure, which is outlined below. 

Applications reviewed against eligibility criteria

Applications submitted via the online submission portal by the advertised deadline are reviewed against the eligibility criteria.  

Governing Body assessments

The independent governing body assess all eligible applications against a specific criterion resulting in an overall mark. A meeting of the Governing Body will be convened in April 2023 to review the results of the process.  

Applicants shortlisted for presentations

Selected abstracts are programmed for presentation as part of the Technical and Commercial Conferences. Notifications to speak then follow. Applicants whose abstracts are not selected will be kept on a shortlist in the case where a selected applicant renounces the position.  

Successful applicants

If your abstract is successfully voted through by the Governing Body you will be contacted shortly after the final selection meeting, invited to accept, and supply further documentation for verification, including a presentation and full written paper. Once verification is complete, your paper’s credentials will be publicised.  

Abstracts not selected

Submitters of abstracts not selected to be part of the conference will be notified at the same time as submitters of selected papers. We will subsequently make contact to discuss further options for your paper as a poster within the exhibition halls, or as a digital article. Your abstract will also be considered for other events that we believe could benefit from your inclusion.