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8-10 September 2020 | Singapore EXPO, Singapore

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With a history of both technical and commercial excellence spanning almost half a century, the Gastech Conference provides extraordinary breadth of coverage of the full natural gas value chain. More than 400 speakers ranging from global ministers and CEO’s to engineers and analysts, communications and HR share valuable insights and cutting edge content on the natural gas and associated industries.

Rajeev Nanda

Vice President - Project Development


10:15 - 10:45

Wednesday, 18 September 2019


In times of high oil prices, ethane from natural gas has traditionally been a cost competitive alternative to naphtha as the precursor for petrochemicals. Most of the ethane based petrochemical projects in the world are located close to the source of rich natural gas.

Demand for ethane for ethylene production is growing worldwide while the USA and other LNG producing regions have surplus ethane available. On the other hand there is a severe short fall of ethane in many countries producing petrochemicals. This paper describes a significant market opportunity for transporting ethane co-mingled with LNG  and Ethane recovery at the LNG regasification terminal.

The paper discusses the economics of transporting Ethane with LNG as well as technical challenges in recovery of ethane from LNG. Several different configurations of the regasification terminal and options to minimize changes and cost including TechnipFMC’s Dual Column process (US Patent 7,530,236 B2) are presented.

A comparison is also illustrated with an alternate route of pure ethane liquefaction & transportation which provides marketing flexibility but requires significantly higher investment cost for dedicated terminals and shipping.