8-10 September 2020

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Ministerial, Global Business Leaders’ Panels & Keynotes at the Conference

The Gastech Ministerial, Global Business Leaders’ Panels and Keynotes at the Conference connect energy industry leadership with top level policy makers to forge wide reaching strategies and solutions for meeting the natural gas industry’s most pressing challenges.

15 Ministerial, Global Business Leaders’ Panels and Keynotes at the Conference

CEO’s, Ministers and industry legends will seek to answer these vital questions and more:

  • Gas in the Future Global Energy System: How Can the Gas Industry Clarify the Role of Gas as a Vital Destination Energy Source?

  • What are the Innovative Financing Models Needed Across All Parts of the Gas Value Chain that will Secure Supply and Demand Opportunities and Allow For Changing Industry Dynamics?

  • What are the Regulatory Changes Needed to Support the Rapid Evolution of the Industry and Facilitate the New Capital Inflow Critical for the Industry to Match Growth Projections?

  • How Can Players Create the Necessary Operational, Commercial and Market Flexibility to Navigate the Geopolitical Storms both of Today and on the Horizon?

  • Securing Market Position: What are the Opportunities for Linking Supply Through Midstream Infrastructure with New Demand Sources to Circumvent Bottlenecks in the Value Chain?

  • Project and Operational Innovation: How can New Collaboration Models and Digitalisation Support Greater Agility and Lower Costs Across the Industry?

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