Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Technical Programme

Kjetil Sjolie Strand


LNT Marine

14:00 - 14:30

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

T1.1 A new containment system for LNG from concept to reality

After nearly 10 years of development a new containment system for LNG is about to hit the market. LNT Marine’s new IMO type A containment for LNG has been fitted on Saga LNG Shipping’s new 45,000m3 LNG carrier, which will be delivered from China Merchant Heavy Industry (Jiangsu) during first half of 2019. This is the first novel cargo containment system for LNG to enter the market since the first two IHI SPB ships were built in the early 90’s.

The idea of the development was to develop a simple and efficient cargo containment system for LNG that could enable more shipyard to build LNG carriers at a reasonable cost. The development has initially been focused on the medium size LNG carrier segment, which is considered interesting to enable the development of new emerging markets for LNG, but can also be scaled up or down.

The containment system design is based on an independent tank type A as the primary barrier and a full secondary barrier. The system is based on proven technologies, but in a novel configuration, which has involved several challenges during the design and construction of the first newbuilding.

The IMO type A tank is well known from the LPG carrier segment, but the low temperature and different material grades have offered challenges with regards to the tank design and interface to the hull structure, as well as the construction.

The tank itself is not insulated, but installed in an insulated hold space. This means that the secondary barrier insulation is attached to the interior surface of the hold space, while a liquid tight barrier is fitted on the inner surface of the insulation. In between the tank and the secondary barrier there is a cold interbarrier space, which offers access for inspection and repairs of both barriers as well as the supports, but this also required completely new solutions compared to existing containment systems.

The development and qualification of the secondary barrier system has been a key challenge, and different solutions have been investigated, analyzed and tested throughout the development process. During construction of the first vessel methodologies and procedures to streamline the construction and installation processes have been made as a joint effort between the yard and the designer, backed by the owner.

Bringing a new LNG ship design based on novel technology to the market has been a long and challenging road and would never have been possible for a small and innovative company in a market dominated by giants, without good partners. The development and delivery of the Saga Dawn is the result of true team work between the shipowner, shipyard, ship designer and technology provider.