Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Technical Programme

Erik Langeteig

Director Project Solutions

Chart Industries

17:00 - 17:30

Tuesday, 17 September 2019

T3.2 RESERVE: Gas Curtailment – LNG is the optimum back-up fuel solution

Installing a back-up fuel supply is a prudent move if you’re looking to supplement insufficient or unreliable pipeline capacity, mitigate the high costs of firming pipeline capacity, meet additional load and seasonal variations or provide emergency fuel back-up during outages. Not only does a back-up system eliminate risk but it can also result in avoiding severe financial penalties if the gas utility is otherwise forced to curtail supply.

In this paper Chart will present the case for using LNG as the back-up fuel instead of traditional alternatives, such as diesel and LPG.

There are many similarities between the different systems:

  • Liquid fuel is delivered by a local contractor and stored on site until it’s needed
  • Turning the system on seamlessly provides fuel at the point of use
  • Proven, reliable and easy to use

Choose LNG though and there are some significant financial and operational advantages:

  • No engine conversion costs as you’re using stored natural gas to augment pipeline natural gas and hence utilizing the same delivery system to the point of use
  • No need to derate the generators as you maintain equivalent BTU content to when they’re operating with pipeline gas
  • No turbine upgrade is required
  • Fewer changes to HSE program and eliminate risk of soil contamination or other long term remediation requirements
  • No SCR equipment or other compliance equipment needed
  • No air permitting changes required and often alternatives can be difficult to permit in nonattainment areas
  • Improved credentials as a good corporate citizen through reduced emissions of CO2 by 25%, NOX by 90% and near elimination of SOX and particulates
  • Through recent legislation there are financial inducements for maintaining supply

As well as covering the technical solution in more detail, Chart will supplement with real world comparisons of cost and emission savings that clients have made through switching to LNG.

Primary category is LNG to Power.