Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Technical Programme

Jörg Müller

Sales Engineer

TGE Marine Gas Engineering GmbH

11:15 - 11:45

Wednesday, 18 September 2019

T2.4 LPG and Ethane as marine fuel

The number of LNG fueled vessels delivered and on order is approaching 300 and LNG has moved from a promising alternative as clean fuel to a mature technology. The flexibility of LNG systems is proven, since it was applied on different engine setups, such as two-stroke dual fuel engines with high and low pressure, four-stroke dual fuel engines and gas engines.
The next step in now taken towards alternative fuels. For the worlds LPG fleet, for the growing Ethane fleet, but also for other applications ethane and LPG are another vital link to environmental friendly fuels. The paper looks into the newly designed Ethane fuel gas system as well as LPG fuel gas system.
1. Utilization of ethane as fuel
TGE has recently converted a high pressure LNG fuel gas system for an Ethane cargo vessel to utilize ethane inside their MAN ME-GI engine as well. The new design of the ethane fuel gas system will be presented as a case study.
2. Utilization of LPG as fuel
First ships have been ordered with LPG as fuel and others have taken FID’s on conversions. TGE Marine developed a dedicated LPG fuel supply system which conditions and feeds LPG to the newest dual fuel MAN ME-LGI main engine generation, which will be able to burn LPG as fuel.
This paper describes the challenges to upgrade an operating LNG fuel gas system from LNG mode to ethane mode. An innovative design approach has been taken to limit the design changes for the hardware of the system. Therefore, the main focus of the conversion is on the adjustments of the control and automation system.
In addition the paper will present a new solution of an LPG fuel supply system for LPG carriers, e.g. VLCGs, MGC and handy size LPG carriers. It will look into the design basis, process and the critical innovations, required to fulfill the requirements stated by the engine makers. Based on the first mover application of ethane as fuel and ongoing LPG fuel projects the paper will expand on the possibilities of these fuels for the general marine market.