Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Technical Programme

Clemens Van der Nat

Strategic Development Manager

Bluewater Energy Services B.V.

10:15 - 10:45

Thursday, 19 September 2019

T1.7 Near-shore mooring and transfer solutions for LNG

Developers of small scale LNG terminals are motivated for the cost optimisation of LNG infrastructure. Conventional jetty based import terminals with a breakwater often require too high investments. The paper describes Bluewater’s offshore Cryogenic Loading Tower (CLT) that provides a cost effective Singe Point Mooring solution. This solution has been developed in close cooperation with Shell Global Solutions International. The CLT is deployed in shallow waters offshore or nearshore an onshore storage facility. Especially in open water the environmental forces are typically not aligned and constantly changing in direction and magnitude, making this free weathervaning mooring and transfer solution most suitable. The bottom fixed tower is equipped with one or more aerial cryogenic hoses. If required, a vapour return line can be included. To ensure operational and environmental safety, the system uses a proven quick-disconnection and/or weak-link capabilities to prevent spillage. LNG is circulated from the onshore facility to the tower base in two new developed highly insulated pipe-in-pipe subsea pipelines. The paper will provide insight in this technology as well as the installation issues with this type of pipeline. The paper further describes how the CLT can be operated in full compliance with SIGTTO guidelines to ensure its safety both during offloading operation as well as during the holding mode in-between offloadings. The paper also highlights the similarities as well as the differences between the offshore transfer and a conventional jetty-based LNG transfer.