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Bringing Diversity & Inclusion To The Forefront During Times Of Crisis

The Gastech Diversity & Inclusion is a free to attend programme aimed at supporting the diversification of the energy sector workforce to enable companies to implement programmes that support the recruitment and retention of staff from varied backgrounds enabling the widest possible optic for decision making from the deepest talent pool.

Why Attend?

Goverment 01

Understand how governments are supporting industry and individuals in preparing for workforce participation

Inspiration 01

Hear inspirational stories from industry leaders

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Gain insight into what a more diverse workforce can mean for your organisation

Solving Problems 01

Beyond rhetoric: how are companies tackling barriers to entry through real life solutions?

Transforming Workplace 01

Looking at other sectors, Learn how the energy industry can adopt in transforming their workforces


“Support intellectual equality. Empower to make positive choices, encourage to take ownership and help people develop skills and core values. If we work in this direction every day, we can make a difference.”


"We don’t always see the pace of change keep up with where are in terms of our societal development, so I think diversity in the industry is certainly one of those changes that we would like to see the pace accelerate… we still have a long way to go. We certainly have to redouble our efforts right now."


“Every single induvial has a responsibility and a role to play. And that includes each of us choosing to be aware, to be open to listening and learning… to speak up and to take a stand when it matters.”