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Join the big conversation and speak at Gastech's 50th anniversary edition. 

The prestigious Gastech Conference serves as a critical platform for gaining consensus, sharing expertise and vision, raising the voice of natural gas and providing solutions to the industry’s major challenges. Become a pivotal part of the conference that is driving the gas, LNG, hydrogen and energy industry towards a cleaner energy future.

As a Gastech speaker, you will join an elite line-up of policy makers and industry experts, and share your strategies to shape the future of the energy landscape, enabling access to clean and affordable energy for both OECD and Non-OECD countries.   

With the Technical call for papers now open, technical energy professionals have the opportunity to submit abstracts before 11 January to be considered for the Gastech Technical Conference. Create an account now to begin your submission.

The Commercial call for papers will open in early 2022. Register your interest to keep informed.

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Gastech 2022 Technical call for papers is now open!

Technical categories for 2021

As a forum for current thinking in this fast evolving field, insights from a broad spectrum of areas are welcomed. This year, technical categories for paper submissions are:

Gas, LNG, hydrogen and ammonia projects and developments

Gas and LNG processing, production and supply

Utilities, powergen and end users

Hydrogen uptake, growth and projects

Data, cloud, AI and automation

Shipping, storage and transmission

Carbon, methane and emissions

Health, safety, security and environment

Commercial categories for 2021

The commercial call for papers plays an important role in developing the thought-leadership, direction, and strategies necessary to address how the energy industry can navigate these complex times. This year, commercial categories for paper submissions are:

Adapting Business Models In A Post-COVID World

Integrated Energy Suppliers

Gas & LNG Supply & Demand Dynamics

Financing & Project Investment

Trading, Contracting & Pricing

EPC & Project Progress / Updates

Climate Policies & The Role For Gas

Decarbonisation & Emissions Management

Diversification of The Future Workforce

Important Dates


24 September -Call for Papers opens

14 January - Call for papers closes

22-23 March - Governing Body voting

4 April - Programme published

5-8 September - Gastech Conference


10 January - Call for papers opens

11 March - Call for papers closes

13-14 June - Governing Body Voting

27 June - Programme published

5-8 September - Gastech Conference

Submission guidelines

  • Create an account on the submissions platform
  • Papers will need to be summarised into a 500-word abstract. Choose from one of the technical submission categories
  • Upload a profile photo (JPG/PNG file; 300px wide by 300px high; no larger than 1MB)
  • Upload a company logo (JPG/PNG file; 300px wide by 300px high; no larger than 1MB)
  • Prepare a 100-word biography for the main presenter
  • You can submit more than 1 abstract under multiple categories to maximise the chances of your papers being selected
  • The submission deadline for technical papers is Tuesday, 11 January 2022. Early submission is particularly important to ensure that the committee members have ample time to review the paper proposals. Late paper proposals will not be accepted.

Frequently asked questions

When is the abstract submission deadline?

Is there a word limit for abstracts?

Can I submit more than one abstract?

How do I submit my abstracts?

Who is the Gastech Governing Body?

What are the criteria in which my abstracts will be graded?

What happens if my abstract is successful?

What happens with unsuccesful applications?

What are the benefits of becoming a speaker?

Is there any cost involved in the process to become a speaker?