Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Corban Energy Group Corp.

Corban Energy Group (CEG) is a U.S. based energy equipment supplier, serving the LNG and other liquefied gas industries with large & small storage tanks, inter-modal ISO tank-containers, vaporizers, fueling stations, and marine cargo/fuel tanks. CEG is specialized in fast-delivered, factory-built bullet tanks in capacity of 1,000 cubic meters or larger. CEG has built the world's largest bullet tanks - 1,228 CBM - in 2019, from its fabrication facility in South Korea. CEG constantly strive to deliver for its customers high value solutions that are inherently safe, easy to operate, economical to maintain, and trouble-free over an extended service life.

Products/Services Category
  • MARINE, SHIPPING & STORAGE -- Storage & Containment (Onshore & Offshore) inc. FSRU & FPSO