8-10 September 2020

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Gasconsult Limited

Gasconsult is an LNG liquefaction technology supplier. The highly differentiated ZR-LNG process requires no external gaseous or liquid refrigerants, no refrigerant extraction, import system or storage facilities and no ongoing refrigerant make-up. The IHR variant processes heavy components, BTX and ethane within the basic ZR-LNG liquefaction unit, without need for a scrub column, stand-alone upstream turbo-expander NGL recovery unit or separate cryogenic ethane recovery unit, thus significantly reducing investment cost and footprint. ZR-LNG provides a simpler and safer low-cost liquefaction solution whilst achieving an energy efficiency close to DMR schemes. It is well suited to standardisation and FLNG application.

Products/Services Category
  • Project Pre-FEED and FEED Design & Build