Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Hengye Inc.

In 2014, Hengye Inc. was incorporated in the USA to offer the flexibility and reliability required to meet the growing, dynamic needs in the American marketplace. We manufacture adsorbents and catalysts including molecular sieve, activated alumina, and more. Our team offers a full range of services for adsorbent users including design work and bed sizing, technical support, optimization, and turn around services. Hengye will manufacture the ideal product for your feed streams that satisfy environmental regulations while maximizing the product stream's value. Our team will provide the technical education to support and bring confidence to those who use Hengye products.

Products/Services Category
  • EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION -- Gas & LNG Processing
  • HYDROCARBONS REFINING -- Natural Gas Liquids / Gas To Liquids,Olefins
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