8-10 September 2020

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

L. Straatman BV

With in-house design, engineering, development, production and test facilities, Straatman is well known internationally successful, manufacture for high-quality Quick Release Mooring Hooks and Berthing Aid Systems. Straatman recently developed a high-tech and sustainable solution, to power their quick release mooring hooks and integrated capstans. A sophisticated solar system has been developed.. Straatman has developed both a system to be used in ATEX classified areas as well as safe areas. Please visit our website for more information at www.mfstraatman.nl.

Products/Services Category
  • LNG Supplier
  • Construction Industry Supplier
  • LNG, Cryogenic & Vessel to Vessel Transfer
Straatman Folder Mooring Towing 2.1 small.pdf