Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore


The technology is based on modified aqua-ammonia absorption (MA3TM) refrigeration process.The base technology is 160 years old. PTX’s technology is capable of providing ammonia refrigerant chilling down to – 75 oC at 5 kPa absolute.The new MA3TM refrigeration process reduces the scope of overall mechanical rotating equipment required which results in significant capital and operating cost savings.The technology may be employed in LNG, shallow or deep cut C2/C3+ gas processing applications.The refrigeration process is well suited for small to mid-scale markets with an upper end of processing train estimated to be approximately 100 MMscfd (0.7 MTA or 1,200,000 usgpd of LNG).

Products/Services Category
  • EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION -- Gas & LNG Processing
  • MARINE, SHIPPING & STORAGE -- LNG as Marine Fuel
  • HYDROCARBONS REFINING -- Natural Gas Liquids / Gas To Liquids