Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Rochling Engineering Plastics

Röchling Industrial is a leading manufacturer of rigid products from composite materials. Our products are used since decades in the cryogenic industry. We develop thermal insulating materials with high mechanical strength for tank supports in LNG and LPG vessels, as well as pipe supports in different grades. Our materials such as Lignostone®, Durolight® and pipe insulating material Durolight® PIP as a non-corrosive alternative to metal claddings have been developed for our customers need. We also produce special materials, which can be used for cryogenics and high temperature applications (up to 500°C).

Products/Services Category
  • EXPLORATION & PRODUCTION -- Wellbore & Downhole
  • MARINE, SHIPPING & STORAGE -- Shipping & Marine Equipment & Repair