Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Stabilis Energy

Stabilis Energy is a North America LNG leader owning and operating liquefiers, providing distribution logistics and turn-key services to LNG consumers Stabilis services remote power, industrial, oilfield, mining, utility and marine customers. Stabilis 120,000 GPD LNG liquefier in George West, Texas opened in 2015 to supply Texas, Gulf Coast, and Mexico . Stabilis also supplies LNG from its Access LNGTM Network of over 20 contracted third party liquefiers to deliver LNG throughout North America. Stabilis has shipped over 200 million gallons and provides all required equipment and labor to store, vaporize and feed natural gas fuel to customer operations.

Products/Services Category
  • MARINE, SHIPPING & STORAGE -- LPG, Ethane, Naptha & Chemical Shipping,LNG as Marine Fuel
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