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Position your company amongst the most innovative and influential service and technology providers from across the global gas, LNG and energy value chain.

Secure new leads and business, collaborate and make profitable connections, service your existing clients while, all while meeting over 35,000 industry professionals from across 30 industry sectors. Come join the 700 global exhibitors who choose Gastech as their marketplace.

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Natural gas is projected to grow at more than twice the rate of either oil or coal. Gastech provides the perfect platform to take advantage of this growth, and provides unrivaled value for exhibiting companies; helping you to identify new opportunities and markets for your products and services, generate new business, and stay ahead of your competitors.


with new and existing suppliers

Meet new suppliers

and potential partners


with new and existing suppliers


new opportunities and markets

Spanning a diverse range of industries

19 %

Engineering, Procurement Construction & Management


Hydrocarbon Processing, Petrochemicals & Technology


Exploration & Production


Contracting, Commercial, Investment &Trading


Ancillary & Support services including HSSE, Digital, Data, IT, Automation & Cybersecurity


Transmission and Distribution & Power Generation

Network and conduct business with the buyers from the gas, LNG and energy sector

Gastech will be at the forefront of the global energy transition; offering a unique breadth of insight, dialogue and networking opportunity connecting policy, strategy and technical leadership across all elements of the gas, LNG and energy value chain.