Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore


In response to the rising awareness of climate change and the urgent strive towards global decarbonisation, Hydrogen is seen to be one of the key drivers of the energy transition, with huge growth potential.

The Hydrogen Zone at the Gastech 2021 Exhibition will provide a spotlight on this fast-emerging fuel source and allow specialist companies from across the Hydrogen value chain, or larger companies looking to showcase their divisions focusing on Hydrogen, to showcase the latest products, services, and solutions. 

Technologies, products and services include

  • Tanks
  • Storage technologies
  • Hydride storage systems
  • Liquid hydrogen carriers
  • Surface storage systems 
  • Converters
  • Cryogenic compression
  • Liquefaction 
  • Industrial storage
  • Distribution infrastructure
  • Feedstock (fertilisers, industrial applications, fuel production)
  • Fuel cells (transportation, electricity generation, domestic energy)
  • Membrane separators

Attendees from this sector include

Hydrogen Plant Operations, Hydrogen Safety Lead Engineer, Hydrogen Process Technology Manager,  Hydrogen Plant Maintenance Engineer, Senior Chemist Catalytic Processes, Director of Processing Technology, Head of Fuel Cell Research, Hydrogen & Fuel Cell Director