8-10 September 2020

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Gastech 2019 Floorplan

The next generation gas, LNG and energy exhibition

90% of Exhibition Space Sold/Reserved

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World’s top producer

The United States, already the world’s top producer, accounts for almost 45% of the growth in global production and nearly three-quarters of LNG export growth.

New energy landscape

A new energy landscape is emerging. With changes in the pricing and trading structures as well as a move to a lower carbon future, more opportunities are arising as developers and importers respond to demand.

New markets & drivers of growth

With the transition to a lower carbon future, LNG and gas will be the destination fuel of the near future for power generation.  The industrial sector will also push the demand for gas & LNG as a fuel for industrial processes and for feedstock for chemicals and fertilizers.


Jean-Baptiste Dubreil 1 , Chief Economist , IEA

In terms of energy markets natural gas is well placed thanks to its flexibility, abundance and advantages in terms of environmental footprint, with LNG being the driving engine for trade growth in the next years to achieve a more competitive and global gas market.


Neil Chatterjee , Chairman , US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC)

This is an exciting, transformative time for the U.S. energy landscape and cities like Houston will be crucial in defining just what that transition looks like. I’m eager to join my government and industry partners to welcome esteemed participants to this energy capital for Gastech 2019 as we again come together for a global discussion on the future of natural gas.


Sylvester Turner , Mayor of Houston

The United States is set to become a net exporter of natural gas for the first time in over half a century, and Houston will be at the center of that commerce. Our city has the resources, the infrastructure, the expertise, and the largest U.S. port in foreign tonnage. In short, Houston is ready to take the leading role in the U.S. energy exports market.


Meg Gentle , President & CEO , Tellurian Inc.

I always look forward to Gastech as it’s the perfect way to bring everybody together for meetings in a convenient and collaborative way.’