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Supporting a more inclusive, diverse and equitable energy sector

The free-to-attend Gastech Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Energy programme aims to support diversification in energy-related education, the energy labour market, and decision making to help tackle issues related to future capacity needs.

The feature programme will facilitate frank discussions about the make-up of the energy workforce, examine how the energy transition could accelerate opportunities for minorities, and provide  practical advice on how to create a more diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace.

Embodying the theme of the programme, each session is open to both delegates and visitors providing access to individuals not often funded to attend conferences.

Why attend

As the global energy industry continues to evolve, the areas of diversity, equity, and inclusion are a cornerstone of performance for leading organisations’ competitiveness.

The Gastech Diversity, Equity & Inclusion in Energy programme will highlight ways to successfully recruit, nurture, and retain diverse talent to create efficiency, strengthen operations, innovate to meet the evolving needs of customers and solve the world’s energy and environmental challenges.


Why climate and equity are intersecting emergencies.


How industry-leading practitioners are approaching the task of redressing gender
and race-based imbalances in the


Insight into what a more diverse workforce can mean to your organisation. 


How companies are tackling barriers to entry to improve representation in the industry. 


How other sectors have transformed their workplaces with diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

The 2022 conference agenda is live!

The global energy industry will unite in Milan to discuss the gas sector’s ongoing contribution to redressing socio-structural imbalances.

“Support intellectual equality. Empower to make positive choices, encourage to take ownership and help people develop skills and core values. If we work in this direction every day, we can make a difference.”

"We don’t always see the pace of change keep up with where we are in terms of our societal development, so I think diversity in the industry is certainly one of those changes that we would like to see the pace accelerate… we still have a long way to go. We certainly have to redouble our efforts right now."

“Every single individual has a responsibility and a role to play. And that includes each of us choosing to be aware, to be open to listening and learning… to speak up and to take a stand when it matters.”

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