Covering Policy, Leadership, Strategy & Global Dynamics

Gastech is committed to driving the discussion and providing a global platform where industry thought leaders can come together to determine shared solutions to common challenges, during this period of reduced mobility.

Building on from Gastech’s renowned strategic conference, the Gastech Virtual Summit strategic conference comprising of the C-Suite Dialogues, Ministerial & Global Business Leaders Sessions and Gastech Tech Talks delivered advanced insights into the latest commercial strategies and trends dominating the natural gas industry providing delegates with fast track information on how best to align business models for the post-pandemic landscape.

Ministerial Global Business Leaders Sessions

Ministers, policy makers, global business leaders, disruptors and innovators convened virtually, addressing future challenges and opportunities in an evolving energy market and the increasing focus on Environmental, Social and Governance issues.

C-Suite Dialogues

Watch On Demand the latest strategic thinking around technology innovation; supply and demand dynamics; evolving partnerships; people and talent and governance and influence within the sector.

Gastech Tech Talks

The Gastech Tech Talks welcomed globally renowned figures from the disruptive technology space to a series of insightful and unique discussions examining how the transformative nature of AI and digital technologies are reshaping both the energy sector and wider society.

Exclusive commentary and insights on global energy supply/demand dynamics, the drive towards net zero carbon targets and the post-COVID landscape. Key topics include:

  • Energy Transition
  • Demand Recovery
  • The Global Post-Pandemic Energy Landscape
  • The Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Reshaping Our Lives
  • Gas Policy And Regulation
  • Appetite For Financing New Projects
  • Hydrogen
  • LNG Trading
  • Development Of New Markets For Gas And LNG