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Andrew Clifton

Chief Operating Officer & General Manager Society of International Gas Tanker and Terminal Operators (SIGTTO)


Andrew Clifton is the General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of SIGTTO (The Society of International Gas Tanker & Terminal Operators Ltd), he has over 30 years experience in the liquefied gas shipping industry. This includes 19 years at sea, three years as master, mainly on liquefied gas carriers, a first class honours degree in shipping operations and?shore?managerial experience over the last 12 years. The latter includes three years working at the UK's Marine Accident Investigation Branch (MAIB), marine superintendent with Golar LNG, almost two years in the SIGTTO Secretariat as a Technical Adviser and, most recently, over five years in Indonesia as LNG shipping operations manager for the BP Tangguh LNG project. In this most recent?posting?Andrew was responsible for the project's shipping activities and overseeing their development, from the early construction days at Tangguh through to the commissioning and entry into service of the marine facilities and the ships built to serve the project. Andrew was also the SIGTTO Panel chairman from October 2008 until becoming GM. Andrew Clifton is the eighth SIGTTO General Manager. He is also the youngest General Manager and the first General Manager who was formerly a Technical Adviser at the Society.