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Facilitate Market Development at Gastech Hydrogen

Gastech Hydrogen will position hydrogen as a future clean energy source, connecting the policy makers, producers, consumers, scientists and suppliers at the forefront of the hydrogen industry. It will catalyse a wide range of conversations, connections and collaborations around the many market opportunities being created by the growing interest in hydrogen, from governments that both import and export energy, as well as the renewables industry, electricity and gas utilities, automakers, oil and gas companies, major technology firms and big cities.

Attendees From This Sector Include:

Hydrogen Icons Project Infrastrcture
Project & Infrastructure Development and Build
Hydrogen Icons Catalysation
Catalysation & Chemical Technologies
Hydrogen Icons Fuel Cell
Fuel Cell & Vehicle Technology
Hydrogen Icons Commercial Road
Commercial Road & Rail Transportation
Hydrogen Icons Commercial Shipping
Commercial Shipping & Marine Projects
Hydrogen Icons Pipeline
Pipeline, Cryogenic & Storage Technology and Manufacturing
Hydrogen Icons Hydrogen Technology
Domestic & Industrial Hydrogen Technology Including Boilers and CHP

Why Attend?

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exactly what policy makers and governments expect by meeting and networking with those who set climate change and emissions laws.

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a clearer understanding of what investors, financiers and stakeholders will expect of you, keeping your organisation attractive to investment.

Gmp Icons V2 Plan Your Time White

more effectively across projects by meeting and learning from leaders who have already begun to deliver on climate change and decarbonisation commitments.

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clarity from change management and restructuring expertise to enable your organisation to transition successfully to the low carbon future.

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confidently with real strategies and techniques that can ensure your organisation leads the energy transition and is not left behind.

Don’t Miss Out on the Future of Energy


‘‘There’s a lot of opportunities now for hydrogen probably more than ever before, so we must start now. What we do between now and 2030 is critical, the challenge is to turn the momentum into investment decisions.’’


‘‘I don’t think green hydrogen is being
promised 20 years from now. It’s something
that governments and policymakers want to
see happen before 2030. It will not entirely
take over the network, but there will be a
blended view that progressively will
become greener."


‘‘Our clear expectation is definitely that
hydrogen will be an integral part of the
customers’ demand, and consequently,
of our own portfolio.’’


‘‘How important is hydrogen really in
the context of our climate aspirations?
Bluntly put, it is mission-critical.’’