Gastech Insight Series: Exclusive analysis of the global energy market

The Gastech Insight Series will provide exclusive and digestible analysis of the global energy market. From evolving geopolitical considerations and trading conditions to climate initiatives and technological breakthroughs, these one-to-one interviews with senior industry figures will feature unrivalled strategic insights.

"ESG compliance is becoming business as usual” – A new era of project finance

Nick Milne, Managing Director – Upstream Energy Capital, Macquarie Group in conversation with Eithne Treanor.

  • What can be learned from the re-emergence of long-term supply agreements in LNG markets?
  • Are new energy projects able to compete in the race for funding?
  • How durable are new energy trading relationships? 

"We need to create markets that don’t exist yet” – Building the Hydrogen Economy

Anne-Sophie Corbeau, Global Research Scholar, Center on Global Energy Policy, Columbia University in conversation with Eithne Treanor.

  • How are policymakers facilitating hydrogen upscale around the world?
  • Can the industry bridge the hydrogen infrastructure and technology financing gap?
  • What lessons can hydrogen players learn from the last 60+ years of growth in global LNG trading? 

These five technologies will reduce CO2 emissions by 40%

Dr Alessandro Romagnoli, Director, Nanyang Technological University in conversation with Eithne Treanor.

  • How are investment trends enabling the development of new climate technologies?
  • Can carbon capture initiatives green future energy networks?
  • What new and next-generation technologies are poised to change operations in the industry? 

"We’re being hammered, but we’re only 3% of the problem!” – Cleaner, greener global shipping

Debbie Turner, Senior Broker, Howe Robinson Partners in conversation with Eithne Treanor.

  • How is LNG tanker demand expected to hold up through 2023 and beyond?
  • Can the global shipping sector decarbonise in line with new emissions reductions targets?
  • What is the future of carbon credits? 

Is the supply pinch finally easing? Energy project delivery in challenging times

Paul Sullivan, Senior Vice President – Global LNG and FLNG, Worley in conversation with Eithne Treanor.

  • How are energy project stakeholders revising financing models amid lingering economic pressures?
  • Are construction contracts changing to reflect ongoing disruption to supply chains?
  • Have shortages in the labour market impacted on project deliverability?

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