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The Future Of Energy Podcast

The Future Of Energy Podcast brings you the latest insights and updates on the technology shaping the future energy landscape. Join our host Chris Caswell, VP of LNG Technology at Kiewit Engineering Group Inc. and Gastech Technical Co-Chair as he discusses technological developments from across the industry with the leaders working on the latest innovations.


#002 Justin Hearn, Former Industry Manager, LNG / Natural Gas, BASF Gas Treatment

In this month’s podcast, Chris is joined by Justin Hearn, Former Industry Manager, LNG / Natural Gas, BASF Gas Treatment. Justin is a well-known figure in the gas processing industry and has been front and centre regarding nearly every part of the gas processing industry.  

Some of the topics covered:

  • What companies get wrong when it comes to gas processing
  • At what point should owners and contractors involve specialists in projects?
  • Justin’s view on the leading license technology giants like BASF vs the open art strategy for gas processing
  • What causes foaming, how to prevent it and what are some mitigation strategies
  • Turn down and flexibility in gas processing units
  • Technical challenges for accommodating feed gas composition for plants that take pipeline gas

#001 Roberto Ruiperez Vara, Director LNG Technology, Operations and Projects, Freeport LNG

For today's podcast, Chris is joined by Roberto Ruiperez Vara from Freeport LNG. As you may know, Freeport LNG recently began full operations at their three-train LNG export facility in the United States. Chris and Roberto had a great discussion around the history of Freeport LNG and the technology incorporated in this unique project.