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Welcome to The Future of Energy Podcast

The Future of Energy Podcast brings you the latest insights and updates on the technologies shaping the future low-carbon energy landscape. Join host Chris Caswell, Vice President of Technology at Kiewit Engineering Group Inc., and Gastech Conference Technical Co-Chair, as he discusses technological developments from across the industry with energy leaders working on the latest innovations.


#4 Jenna Wilson, Consultant, Blue Engineering and Consulting Company

Jul 20 2020

In the latest episode of the Future of Energy Podcast, Chris is joined by Jenna Wilson, a Consultant at Blue Engineering and Consulting Company, a well-known engineering and consulting company in North America. For those of you not familiar with project developments in North America, companies like Blue provide key advice to project owners to keep projects on track to meeting their permitting goals.

The discussion includes:

  • Understanding FERC and PHMSA (the US regulatory landscape)
  • How permitting has evolved in the natural gas and LNG space
  • The similarities and differences with projects today versus the first wave of LNG export projects
  • The difference between an EA and an EIA/EIS
  • The smartest things project developers and engineering contractors have done, or can do, to get a project started on the right foot
  • Pitfalls that companies may fall into when thinking about developing a new project

#3 David Colson, Commercial Vice President, GTT

May 11 2020

In this podcast, Chris is joined by David Colson, Commercial Vice President from GTT, a world-leading technology company in the shipping industry. David is a well-known speaker at Gastech, and other events, where he delivers an interesting balance of technical and commercial perspectives on LNG. He offers tremendous insights into the energy industry and the application of technology, as well as recently becoming a French Citizen!

The discussion includes:

  • The importance of shipping to the LNG industry
  • A brief overview of the beginning of the cryogenic shipping industry and current industry statistics
  • The differences among leading containment systems and why membrane technology is the preferred choice for new ships
  • The expansion of the Panama Canal
  • How “LNG as a fuel” is being embraced
  • Will the huge interest in hydrogen complement or displace the growth opportunities for LNG?
  • The differences in containment systems between hydrogen and LNG
  • How shipping is taking a lead in the reduction of CO2 emissions and meeting international standards
  • Observations from working in shipyards

#2 Justin Hearn, Former Industry Manager, LNG / Natural Gas, BASF Gas Treatment

Feb 19 2020

In this podcast, Chris is joined by Justin Hearn, Former Industry Manager, LNG / Natural Gas, BASF Gas Treatment. Justin is a well-known figure in the gas processing industry and has been front and centre regarding nearly every part of the gas processing industry.  

The discussion includes:

  • What companies get wrong when it comes to gas processing
  • At what point should owners and contractors involve specialists in projects?
  • The leading license technology giants, like BASF, versus the open art strategy for gas processing
  • What causes foaming, how to prevent it and what are some mitigation strategies?
  • Turn down and flexibility in gas processing units
  • Technical challenges for accommodating feed gas composition for plants that take pipeline gas

#1 Roberto Ruiperez Vara, Director LNG Technology, Operations and Projects, Freeport LNG

Jan 18 2020

In our first Future of Energy Podcast, Chris is joined by Roberto Ruiperez Vara from Freeport LNG.

Freeport LNG recently began full operations at their three-train LNG export facility in the United States.

The discussion includes:

  • The history of Freeport LNG
  • The technology incorporated in this unique project