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8-10 September 2020 | Singapore EXPO, Singapore

eBook: Top opportunities for the European gas industry in the next 5 years

Throughout 2017, Europe is set to retain numerous gas supply options through traditional pipelines as well as LNG imports; absorbing a large proportion of the vast new LNG supply. With Europe offering liquidity and the much needed regasification capacity, it is a time of opportunity for the developing market.

Download the eBook and discover 10 industry leaders' insightful views on:

  • Where the key natural gas growth opportunities lie within the region
  • How gas can help accomplish a fully sustainable energy supply
  • Which regulatory developments stand out in the evolving EU gas market
  • Why gas has to sell itself to the public in a much better form
  • Where significant investment is needed to allow Europe's gas industry to thrive

Contributors of this eBook include: Enagas, Energy Flux Limited, ENGIE, Gasterra, Gaz-System, International Associates of Oil and Gas Producers, Methinks Limited, RWE Supply and Trading GmbH, Tellurian and Total.