Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore

Press Releases


MIB Italiana Spa is a leader in the supply of Emergency release system and customised connectors for the Oil and Gas Industry and, since the early 1970s, specifically for the liquefied gas industry. MIB is playing an active role within the industry to: -standardise technically the offshore LNG transfer solutions, -maintain the unrivalled high level of safety and reliability of the LNG transfer industry achieved so far and, at the same time, increase performance during transfer. Until now, MIB has been involved in several FSRU/FSU projects by proving a complete package Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfer solution based on cryogenic flexible hoses. Thanks to the long-lasting experience gained in the offshore high pressure transfer systems, MIB has recently developed an integrated system to safely deliver high pressure natural gas from the FSRU to shore via flexible jumpers. MIB has also been involved, since the early stages, with a number of LNG bunkering vessels projects, with the aim of developing a reliable, operations-effective and vessel-integrated solution based on a hydraulic actuated full-bore ERS as a safety device for the STS transfer.

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