Exhibition & Conference

13-16 September 2021

Singapore EXPO, Singapore




SCI, full name Sublime China Information, is the leading intelligence provider for the Chinese commodity market, which was established back in 2004.

SCI focuses on delivering trusted price information, real-time news, fundamentals data, analytics and consulting service. Currently, SCI has over 1,300 employees, including 600 analysts, researchers and consultants covering over 600 product chains. SCI now is the single largest market intelligence supplier in terms of size of revenue, size of team and number of customers served. 287 companies of the Fortune Global 500 are clients of SCI.

Founded in 2012, SCI natural gas industry research team now contains 12 professional analysts, including 2 analysts with over 10 years’ industrial experience and 5 analysts with over 5 years’ industrial experience. SCI gas team makes research covering multiple links of the natural gas industry: exploration & exploitation, PNG & LNG import, pipeline transportation, downstream consumption, etc. Besides daily research and forecast based on the rigorous and scientific methodology, SCI gas team also serves for national ministries and NOCs on specific research projects and provides our customers with constructive suggestions. With over 2,000 participants in total, SCI China Natural Gas Industry Summit has earned the highest reputation among industry participants in China.