Exhibition Guides


Our Top Tip Tick List

A guide with our top tip tick list for first time exhibitors for pre show, during the show and post show.

Stand Design

A guide to help exhibitors with their stand design. The guide will help you with choosing the best space, stand size, location, orientation, suppliers and partners, graphics, tech and more.

Promotional Merchandise

Why use promotional merchandise? This guide focuses on promotional merchandise, an effective advertising medium to create brand awareness, engagement and loyalty.

How to Exhibit

Read this guide on how to exhibit and find our everything you need to know from preparing the ground to marketing your stand. The guide talks you through what to do before, during and after the event.

First-Time Exhibitor

A guide designed for the first time exhibitor. It will take you on the exciting journey from selecting an event through to successful participation and follow up. If you already have some experience then you may wish to skip certain sections or dip in and out to find ideas and inspiration to maximise your effectiveness at an event.

Social Media Myths

The Social Media Myths guide will talk you through what myths to ignore and what new tactics to implement to your social media strategy.

Social Media - Your Route to Event Success

For your event to be a success, you need to have a social media strategy in place before, during and after your event.

Beginners Guide to Social Media for Exhibitors

Did you know 67% of your customers expect you to use social media? Find out more tips to use for your social media strategy in this beginners guide to social media for exhibitors.

The Potted Guide to Exhibiting

This guide covers the basics of exhibiting at every stage.

The Last Minute Guide to Exhibiting

This is a guide for anyone who has signed up to an exhibition at short notice, been thrown the job by the boss or anyone who has run out of time and is hyperventilating.

The Essential Guide to Exhibiting Overseas

From border crossings to language barriers, your indispensable guide to exhibiting in another country.

The Exhibitor's Guide to the Galaxy

From stand sales to security staff, your handy guide to the people you'll meet on the exhibition journey.

The Email Marketing Guide for Exhibitors

No marketing channel operates in isolation, and exhibitions are no different. To truly benefit from your investment, here are some best practice tips on how you can use email.

Exhibiting for Hot Shots

This isn't a guide to convince you to renew your love for exhibitions but a guide to keep you ahead of the game.

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8 Ways to Cut Costs or Conserve Cash

Find out 8 ways to cut costs or conserve cash in this guide.